Search Marketing

Why is Search Marketing important?

Increase exposure to your brand

Major real estate portals like REA and Domain rely on Google for approximately 30% of their monthly visitors. In Australia, over 1.2 million people visit Google before major portals.

Agents that include search marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy can expect up to 60% of their visitors to come from search engines. Raine & Horne Corporate increased their overall visitors by 50% in just 6 months by having a Search Marketing strategy.

Improve your brand perception in your local market

It is vital to appear ahead of your competitors in search results. This improves your brand perception, and positions you as a market leader.

How can we help?

CAV evaluates your site is positioning against your competitors and identifies the top searches for your content. We then evaluate your site and content and provide specific recommendations for improving your site performance in search engines.

We improve your Search performance through a combination of SEO recommendations and Paid Seach (SEM) recommendations and management.